August 15th, 2021


Tuesday, 17 August 2021

(Originally published Tuesday, August 18, 1992)

The one where Gordon intercedes on behalf of Martha with Mike yet again.

Panel 1: The last time we have dialogue between three people in the car is this panel.  After this, it is just two people and you have to guess who is speaking.  You can go ahead and pretend that Lawrence is no longer in the story because you will never see him or hear from him again.  Lawrence is presumably out with the boys as they try to hunt down girls, so it seems clear that Lynn Johnston is not quite ready for the “Lawrence is coming out” story (no matter how much she may claim in the years afterward that she knew Lawrence was gay all along).

Panel 2:   Nevertheless, this is an interesting continuation.  Admittedly you could probably get some burgers with 6 bucks or a fiver.  However, where you do get babes for that amount?  This panel does seem to imply that the money talked about in the prior panel would apply to either burgers or babes.

Boom-chick-a-wow-wow.  Naughty girls of Milborough.  You only need a fiver or 6 bucks for these hot babes.  Ignore their protruding teeth, and you will get the kind of action only a Milborough girl can provide.  It’s a bargain.  Just as cheap as a burger and healthier for you.

Panel 3:  You know those burger places where they have a giant row of evergreens in front of them so you cannot possibly see them from the road?  Apparently Lynn does.  Gordon is very precise about knowing a certain work shift, which I am sure was intended to be highly suspicious to the clever reader.   That said, 4-hour work shifts are the smallest work shift you can do at McDonald’s.

Panel 4: All those stripes and the colourist goes for a single colour on the uniforms.  The colourist is so lazy.  This is the McDonald’s uniform from 1992 that Lynn was clearly trying to imitate (but not exactly enough to get sued).

Summary: This is Martha as we have never seen her before – working.  Will Michael look down on her because of this?  You know he will.   This is the first time we have seen a wealth gap come into play in a Michael romance, but it won’t be the last.  It will come up again with Rhetta (I am not going to college but I am going to work with my dad) Blum.   Michael is only going to marry a girl with a degree who comes from a family as wealthy as or wealthier than his.  All other girls need not apply.