August 11th, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 13 August 2021

The one where Liz has no idea how good she's got it.

Panel 1: As they walk back to Lecture City from the store, Dawn suddenly realizes that somewhere out there are the boys they're 'destined' to marry. This is because she is a creature of Lynn and believes in Fate and not in random occurrences.

Panel 2: Neither boy nor girl know who one another are but Destiny will bring them together and they'll fall in love. A ten year old kid who reads romance comics can think this. A sane person, not so much.

Panel 3: She sets up the joke by saying that maybe they already know their Twoo Wuvs.

Panel 4: As a pair of Milborough Mutants walk past them, Liz says that she doesn't like to think about that. Given that the boy with the mutant teeth and glasses has Wilma Flintstone red hair like Anthony used to, she's right to not want to.

Summary: howtheduck is probably right to assume that this is the first appearance of Anthony "Store Brand Jonas Chuzzlewit" Caine. In sixteen years, she'll be yelling STOP in a limo because she wants childhood shenanigans to not destroy her redemption as she finally purifies herself after not saving herself for The Mutant. Shit. Her life is over now as it's a march not to freedom but back to the childhood door.
Snarky Candiru2

It better end soon: A short course in misaimed nostalgia

Today's pandering session appears to be dedicated to all the weak women who can't cope with life's demands without wondering when they'll stop feeling confusion, fear and doubt.

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Personal Observations:

1) It would probably kill her stone dead to use the phrase "sugary cereal", wouldn't it?
2) Again with the "I feel confused and lost too so I'm still a child" nonsense. She gets to be an adult when she stops thinking it means she knows everything.
3) We have to expect nonsense like this until the back to school sales start and Molly has to be chastised for wanting to not be teased by her peers for wearing the wrong clothes.