July 20th, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 22 July 2021

The one where we learn that Marian is not exactly thrilled about having to downsize.

Panel 1: Jim reminds me a lot of how John will be when he moves to his own retirement-like place as he's sanguine about moving in. Marian presages Elly's reluctance by pointing out that most of their possessions are that the old place as if that somehow means that they cannot move.

Panel 2: Elly talks to her as if she's a big idiot when she reminds her that she and Phil have hired a moving van so as to take the excess belongings back East with them.

Panel 3: Phil tags in and reminds her of the big yard sale; when he reminds her that they'd put aside things to be sold, she grudgingly admits to that having happened.

Panel 4: When he turns his back on her and says that she's forgetting things, she gets all glum and thought-bubbles that maybe she just doesn't want to remember. What she should also not want to remember is that she 'raised' an idjit who thinks that town drunks on sitcoms are funny.

Summary: What we see here is a foreshadowing of Elly's reluctance to move to The Tiny Train House. Hmmm. Maybe Jim should have sweetened the deal by buying a bunch of new furniture.