July 11th, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

The one that foreshadows the futility of turning an object Jim doesn't give a shit about into a prize for Best And Most Beloved Child.

Panel 1: As they drive to the airport, Phil tells Elly that he talked to Jim last night so we can be reminded that their condo is pretty small and they won't be able to take a lot of their stuff with them. (Fast forward to Elly dumping all of her stuff on Mike so she can buy new stuff for a new place.)

Panel 2: Elly doesn't want her parents to get rid of a thing. Every box in the attic, every stick of furniture is a childhood memory.

Panel 3: Phil echoes the "THEY WANNA GET RID OF OUR CHILDHOOD!!!! WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" theme by pretending to wonder what his parents think of all of this.

Panel 4: We contrast their self-absorbed nostalgia with Jim's self-absorbed need to get rid of all of the 'junk' he's accumulated over the years.

Summary: What I find interesting is that we never ever get to see what Marian thinks about this. What no one noticed during the fight over the pump organ is that her wishes weren't even considered. Funny how I just noticed that myself, ain't it?