June 23rd, 2021

Indignant Candiru

Friday, 25 June 2021

The one where Gord thinks that a half-ton is the ideal vehicle in which to go cruising.

Panel 1: We fast-forward a bit to watch Mike stewing in his own juices. As he tries to decipher what "We're drifting apart and you haven't talked to me in months and you're into hanging out with Gordon and fixated on cars" really means (because it has to be code for something that isn't his fault), Liz ells him that one half of why Martha dumped his dumb ass showed up. He replies by telling her to send Gordon in.

Panel 2: Gordon tells him to lighten up 'cause Martha's history (this is wrong because she was mythology all along) and to move in with his life. This points to the second reason why Martha left him: her dread of being made a fool of by a 'boyfriend' who had no problem ogling other girls right in front of her and who'd do worse if she wasn't looking at him.

Panel 3: He then says that he's got his dad's truck outside so's he and Mike can check out the action. Mike asks what action. I ask who's writing his dialog that he calls girls action.

Panel 4: It would appear that Lynn subcontracted out to the Archie Joke-Generating Laugh Unit 3000 because he tells Mike that his dad's half-ton is called a pick-up, eh?

Summary: Lynn reminds us that she's really not in touch with contemporary youth because Mike might as well ape Billy Joel and scornfully ask if Gord wants to cruise the Miracle Mile.
Snarky Candiru2

It better End Soon: 36 is the new 90.

Remember how I used to say that Lynn managed to convince herself she was She-Cryptkeeper because people stopped catcalling at a woman pushing a stroller? She's got Sarah doing that shit now.

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Personal Observations:

1) The opening paragraph is a clear reference to the "Hello, Stranger" strip:

that reminds us of the Mom Martyr inability to have the best of both worlds. One track minds like hers cannot have the best of both worlds.

2) The second paragraph alludes to Elly's non-stop beefing about when the magic will happen that makes her be the infallible parents she assumed she had:

so that she and Sarah can willfully alter "Don't worry your life away, Stupid!" into "You're not good enough, Stupid!"

3) This one points to Elly's dread of being revealed to be ignorant by a monster child that likes picking at scabs because CHAOS. There's no teachable moment a Mom Martyr can't piss away talking about God painting leaves or making kids ask why the longest answers start with "I don't knw".

4) Again with the nose hairs. Of all of the ways of expressing frustration, stimulating tears has to be the stupidest.

5) She could come to the Lower West Side of Saint John and someone will gladly tell her to lay off period. Watching a spoiled brat in her mid-thirties act like she's got a foot in the grave because she's gotta wing it like the rest of us is not especially charming to have to witness.