June 10th, 2021

Cynical Candiru

Saturday, 12 June 2021

The one where John congratulates himself for being an enabler.

Panel 1: When Mike expresses disbelief that John was the same over-confident, under-brained git he is (which is way OOC because normally, Mike thinks that John is the second-stupidest person on Earth after Elly), John blames his failure on the man from the ministry thereby reinforcing Mike's belief that people who tell him he's wrong aren't lit inside.

Panel 2: He teeters towards competence by talking about how he'd been so busy boasting, he forgot to learn the course material and felt like a fool when he proceeded to fail.

Panel 3: We then get very subtle shade thrown at Mike for being an arrogant whack-job with a bad attitude when John tells him to stop thinking that he's perfect.

Panel 4: This somehow convinces John that being a clod makes him a better dad.

Summary: No, it doesn't. All I see is him telling his boy that he can wait until he gets a nice guy who'll overlook his being the same daydreaming idiot Elly is.