June 3rd, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 5 June 2021

The one where the man from the ministry has big fun intimidating an incompetent idiot.

Panel 1: We begin the road test with Hilter asking Mike to confirm that he is in fact Michael Patterson. Mike chokes because he's scared of the man and also because he doesn't realize that the man from the Ministry wants to know if he's testing the right goofola.

Panel 2: When he asks to confirm his date of birth, Mike admits that he was born....and then that he's sixteen....and finally that he was born on 26 April 2005/1976.

Panel 3: Hilter then tells the unimpressive and panicky idiot that he is to start the car because the test is on now, Mike is on trial and he will either pass or fail and someone else gets to decide that and make it stick.

Panel 4: He then has a bit of fun with the anxious idiot who's anxious because he has to prove that he's the big lasagna he thinks he is when he tells the yapping little bogan to relax.

Summary: This guy could be a nicer person but Mike is still going to fail. Martha could have waited until later to dump his ass but he's still going to tank things because he's an overconfident idiot who doesn't really know the rules of the road.