June 2nd, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 4 June 2021

The one where Mike profiles the man from the Ministry.

Panel 1: When Mr Carey tells Mike that it's time to hand things over to the guy from the Ministry Of Transportation, Mike doesn't object to him calling him someone from the DMV.

Panel 2: What Mike objects to is the fact that Carey isn't administering the test himself. Carey says that he's just the instructor; the road portion has to be done with a guy from the ministry.

Panel 3: Carey tells Mike not to worry because most of those guys are marshmallows.

Panel 4: When Mike beholds Fat Guy With Hitler Mustache (so let's steal from Python and call him Mr Hilter), he thought-bubbles something about that only being from the neck down.

Summary: Since Mike's inevitable reaction to bombing out because he's not ready to drive is to think that this man lives to keep poooor mistreated guys like him from driving, Martha could have waited to dump him because he's kind of nervous and will choke.
Snarky Candiru2

It Better End Soon: Driving Drama.

Today's exercise in Mom Martyrdom is brought to you by Mike being a terrible motorist.

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Personal Observations:

-I'd expected something like thus article to show up when Mike was about to bomb his test and sulk because the mean man wanted him to look out for the foot people.

- Sarah appears to be afraid of her vehicle. It's why she won't drive anything but her minivan. It's why she refuses to understand where she is in relation to the roadway. It's why she can't reverse or parallel park.

- And of course, it's not as if she can actually say the word "Fußgänger."