May 16th, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

The one where Elly actually sees The Dog From Hell (That Isn't HER Dog From Hell).

Panel 1: For some reason, Elly comes over to Phil's place to see Porker, The Dog From Hell That Isn't HER Dog From Hell.

Panel 2: Phil goes on to explain that Porker's constant barking at air molecules disrupts the whole neighborhood; this makes Elly ask why people don't get together and do something. Insert comment about how she'd hate it if people tried doing something about Farley here.

Panel 3: Phil talks about how they did. Last week, pretty much everyone in the neighborhood signed a petition to get Bullard to do something about the dog but it didn't do a damned bit of good.

Panel 4: Reason: He made an assholish comment about how the dog can't read in order to explain that he refuses to see any sort of problem.

Summary: If we were to do what Elly suggests and actually talk to the whizzled-up old goat, he'd probably whine about ungrateful neighbors who want to be robbed by unsavory elements who just happen to be dark-skinned, what the fuck do they mean, he's racist and so on through the hot water.