March 31st, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Good Friday 2021

The one where Elly is too busy yapping to Connie to keep track of April.

Panel 1: We set up the punchline not only by having April wear a dark-coloured onesie but also by having Elly compare the year April's been alive to the blink of an eye.

Panel 2: This is because Elly once again forgets that children move even when Mommy doesn't will it so. This means that Elly's boasting to Connie about how April is into eighteen-month outfits, toddler toys and a full-sized crib will be followed by her being into something Elly doesn't want her to be into.

Panel 3: Since Liz has no initiative and can't stop disasters but merely report them, she yells that April is into the flour bin. At least she ain't into the bleach, detergent or weed killer.

Panel 4: When John comes to see what the fuss is and asks what happened, bleary-eyed idiot Elly moans that she blinked.

Summary: Since this is a strip written by and for angry idiot women who think that adapting to the kid means the kid is a monster who wants to enslave a mother she hates, it's April's fault that Elly has her head up her arse.

The Top 5 Characters You Never Realised Were Underdogs - Number 5

The Top 5 Characters You Never Realised Were Underdogs - FBorFW News Notes

We like to cheer on the underdogs because their fortune is a kind of reassurance that there is, in fact, a way to beat the odds and succeed. The Pattersons encounter a few underdogs and it’s not always obvious who they are. Here are five of the most loved characters who we either didn’t expect to succeed, or whom we didn’t really think of as underdogs right away.

The article starts from #1 and works its way down, but I think I am going to do them as is typically done on the internet, in reverse order.  I will quote Lynn’s text and then add my comment.  After the cut it’s number Five:

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