March 28th, 2021

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

The one where Elly is filled with a guilt she never really acts on.

Panel 1: The visit over is done so we find Jim saying something only a fool would say and mean about her staying even longer and Elly reminding us that she still thinks of Vancouver as home. Meanwhile, the woman with the cane is about to pick up the child and injure both of them and no one does shit.

Panel 2: Elly gives her dad an info-dump on all the stupid things she's arranged and Jim politely tells her to sod off. Meanwhile, Marian's IQ is PU because someone with one disability has all of the disabilities.

Panel 3: It's Marian's term to tell Elly very politely to sponge it up and disappear as she and Liz and April get into a cab. Jim can still drive but Elly thinks he'll die behind the wheel now that he is OLD! and FEEBLE! and besides, who wants to hear her yammering about all the great stuff they feel like shit accepting anyway?

Panel 4: At the airport, Elly misinterprets Liz's poorly formulated request to ask if she needs to unburden herself of all of the luggage to thought-bubble about how guilty she feels leaving her parents in a family home she thinks of as an ice floe.

Summary: When she gets home, she has to deal with a solution to her worries she isn't prepared for.