December 24th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Boxing Day 2020

The one where Lynn spends Boxing Day virtue-signaling about the crass commercialism that she only rejects when she doesn't benefit from it.

Panel 1: We start to see what happens when Santaclausmas gets over (aside from the colorist phoning it the Hell in). We start with Mike smiling because he has enough consumer electronics to start his own country.

Panel 2: Liz is also delighted because her loving family have given her enough creepy-ass dolls to start her own horror movie franchise.

Panel 3: Elly's mouth has disappeared because the others have yet to hike all of their new things to their rooms because they hate her and want her to be a failure as a mother, wife and daughter.

Panel 4: As John pretends that he's LL Cool J and reads The History Of The Trent (or Root, it's hard to tell) Canal while listening to a boom box the approximate size of Guam, he's astonished by an aggressive ad for a Boxing Day sale that somehow destroys Christmas after the fact.

Summary: Given that we live in an annus horribilissimus, starving local retailers to virtue signal is downright antisocial so advocating here is somewhat ill-timed....especially since this year, Boxing Day in Ontario is when a four-week circuit breaker lockdown begins.