November 24th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

American Thanksgiving 2020

The one where Elly is a woman of very limited intellect.

Synopsis: We find Elly at Anne's house complaining that Liz went to her teacher for crappy and counterproductive advice instead of her. Reason: she should be the one to know things about her child and not someone else. When asked why Liz would go to someone who isn't part of her family if she's depressed, Anne does not raise the very good point that maybe the family is the problem. Anne simply sets up a punchline that highlights Elly's refusal to admit that she's not the only one who needs a disinterested sounding board.

Summary: The guy at Platypus Comix had this to say about Elly's whining: "Now, I ask you, why would a woman expect her offspring to come to her with their worries and problems IF said person is their parent?? That would be just plain wrong, and I'll explain why in full.
Besides the wimpy implications of crying to Mommy, which was stylish in the preschool years but kind of dated by modern standards; there is also the fact that a parent will listen, and then criticise every move the child makes. Naturally they're not going to come to her for help if all they're going to get is her guano."

What he didn't realize is that Liz sees Elly as a threat because she will not control (i.e. "kill") Michael and also because she assumes that Elly wants to tan her arse raw for losing her glasses.