November 14th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Monday, 16 November 2020

The one where April's first snowfall is less exciting than it could otherwise have been because she is sensibly bundled up.

Synopsis: After taking April out to see the first snowfall of the season, John tells Elly that the baby didn't seem to notice because she was bundled up against the cold.

Summary: They should have waited a year to do something like this. Not only are babies really bad at tolerating cold weather, April has no idea what's going on right now so wouldn't enjoy it anyway.

Lynn Interviews Patrick McDonnell (Mutts)

As part of the virtual NCS, Lynn interviewed Patrick McDonnell of "Mutts":

Warning: It is slightly longer than an hour and a half. I have just started to watch it myself and cannot guarantee I will have the stamina to watch the whole thing. I am a little over five minutes in, and McDonnell has made the mistake of mentioning Schulz and "Peanuts." I am bracing myself.

Update: Okay, I watched the whole thing. No detailed notes with timestamps, but here are some things that stood out for me:

Lynn is supposed to be interviewing McDonnell, and to an extent she is, but it's at least 50% about Lynn herself. With all of the usual name-dropping, including the endless Sparky stories. Lynn even found an excuse to share the "I walked a miles in your shoes" story right near the end.

McDonnell is also a drummer, and he used to play in a punk band in NYC. They even opened for Blondie and for the Ramones. Lynn asked, "You opened for Blondie?!?!" And I'm at least 90% convinced she has never heard of Blondie the band, but somehow imagines he opened for the comic strip.

Some of Lynn's questions were pretty good. When she wasn't talking about herself. There was a presentation, that included work from both McDonnell and Lynn. Around 15 minutes from the end, there is a slide with two of Lynn's ugly animals--a cat and a dog. Lynn explained that they're small (4" by 4" paintings) she made as gifts. There was an awkward silence before McDonnell asked, "are they acrylic?" A bit later, after Lynn babbled about them a bit more, he said, "They're great." But I am not so sure he meant it.