August 16th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

The one where Martha is made to feel like hot garbage because her (probably legitimate) fear of being mocked means that she has failed Michael yet again.

(Original Publication Date, 20 August 1991)

Panel 1: Now that Martha has been told that Mike is back in town, she asks why Mike didn't tell her. Gordon reminds us why Lynn should never be allowed to give people nicknames by saying "You never wrote to him, Mart.'

Panel 2: She then says things that Gordon does not report back to Mike: she meant to wryte, she wasn't allowed to call him long-distance, she missed him and didn't go out with anyone else.

Panel 3: She then reminds us that Mike s supposed to be the most amazing writer ever (because Lynn has spent the last three decades telling Aaron that he's wasting his time on the career she didn't assign him) by saying that she just can't write (tripe) like he does. He writes (self-important and arch garbage) so well. She's given him notes at school but she's had writing him actual letters walked back so that she can say that if she wrote him, he'd probably think she was stupid. She'd be right because she'd be talking about nonsense she should admit that no one cares about: her feelings, her experiences and her perspective. It's like John and Elly interacting with their kids, ain't it?

Panel 4: Another commonality is them being the ones being blamed when Gordon says that now, Mike thinks she doesn't care.

Summary: She has to say this. She can't be allowed to say "Mike never asked me how I felt or if he missed me" because that would require a creator who admitted to that being a problem.