August 5th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 7 August 2020

The one where Bev drops a huge spoiler about the bullshit reason Martha gives for not writing back.

(Original Publication Date, 9 August 1991)

Panel 1: We find ourselves at the farm watching Mike think over the unsolicited advice of a man who will never know the damage he caused. Having observed that Mike looks even more out of it than usual, Bev asks him what's wrong. He says that he has this friend that he keeps writing to and she hasn't written back yet. The nasty part of me wants to think that's because she was deliberately given the wrong address. The rational part of me is that she read between lines of her own and assumed that she was part of a one-way conversation.

Panel 2: The possibilities of sabotage and understanding how little she really means to him do not occur to Mike. This is because he whines a self-pitying whine that maybe she hasn't had time. Maybe he could phone her even if it's long distance. Anyway, she PROMISED to write.

Panel 3: After whining that he thought that she liked him, he starts talking like Elly when faced with getting a phone call or e-mail when he asks how difficult it is to just pick out a pen and write. What he doesn't remember is his own aversion to writing down his own feelings because he hates the idea of feeling vulnerable.

Panel 4: We hint at Martha's likely story about his thinking she was stoooooopid if she did write back to him when Bev says that while picking up a pen and paper is easy, finding the right words is hard. Despite his own issues, this astonishes the mutt.

Summary: What Mike never manages to realize or admit during his self-pity tantrum is that having to remember his soiling himself because he had to write the word "love" makes him a ridiculous hypocrite. He also doesn't understand that to get a letter back, one must ask for a letter back.