August 4th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 6 August 2020

The one where Martha is blamed for the end result of Mike being a cement-headed clod who doesn't say things like "I miss you" or "How are you doing?"

(Original Publication Date, 8 August 1991)

Panel 1: Dan tells Mike that he's going to the hardware store and asks him if he wants to check the mail. Mike says "Sure" because they live in the FARM and the mail does not come (which is bullshit).

Panel 2: We start to see why Lynn wants to set this in the eighteen nineties when Mike asks the guy at the counter "Is that all there is? Nothing for me?" only to be told that all he got was the letter from John and Elly.

Panel 3: Mike then asks "Nothing fell behind the counter or got caught in the box? Nothing left in the mailbag?" only to be told "Nope. Sorry."

Panel 4: We get to see why Lynn wants Mike to have to pick up his mail like in olden times when the jackass spouts folk not-wisdom about how if a gal don't write, it's time to read between the lines. This causes Mike to go goggle-eyed with horror at the possibility of her being the one to dump him.

Summary: My initial reaction to this was "Shut yer trap, ya mongrel! You don't know the girl nohow and should thus keep your worthless opinion to yourself!" Nice to see that some things don't change, right?