July 21st, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 23 July 2020

The one where Liz wishes that she could slow time down and keep Farley around longer.

(Original Publication Date, 25 July 1991)

Panel 1: A while later, we find Liz trying to get a gasping Farley to fetch a ball one more time only to have Dawn tell her that he can't because he's too tired.

Panel 2: As Farley laps up some pond water (which'll probably make him sick), Liz tells Dawn that thinking about Farley getting old is weird. This is because (as far back as she can remember) he's always been with them and is part of the family.

Panel 3: If she could stop time, she'd make it so that Farley can live forever. When Dawn tells her that she cannot stop time, Liz says that she knows this.

Panel 4: She lets Farley rest in her lap and thought-bubbles "But today, I'll try to slow it down a little."

Summary: We switch from Liz's intermittent realization that Farley isn't the young puppy of her early memories to Mike being improved by spending all day doing stoop labour for three hots and a cot.