July 9th, 2020

Angry Candiru

Saturday, 11 July 2020

The one where Mike overhears Elly's smug bullshit about how awful Martha is and how he needs to be saved from her.

(Original Publication Date, 13 July 1991)

Panel 1: As John holds Mike's ticket in his hands, he asks Liz if Mike is packed for the trip to Exile Farm. When Liz says that he's still saying goodbye to Martha, Elly's anguish is such that she whines "Again?" and also, her left arm disappears.

Panel 2: As she folds dish towels, Elly does the closed eyes of ignorant, self-satisfied smugness thing as she tells John that she thinks it's a good thing he's going away because those two need to be separated. Reason: she has an irrational hatred of this person and she never wants to give that up.

Panel 3: She then says that they both need a change. Besides, working on the farm will be good experience. Mike might be put out about this now but he'll thank them later.

Reason: Martha is someone Mike chose himself. Since she cannot allow herself to trust her children to choose correctly, it stands to reason that Mike MUST have picked someone totally wrong for him. After all, mothers know.

Panel 4: What Elly didn't know is that at some point, Mike overheard every God-damned hateful word so is surprised when he says "MUCH later."

Summary: The sad thing is that her filthy trick works and they do drift apart. In real life, this would result in Mike resenting Elly for years on end and finding reasons to avoid her company. Foob isn't real life, though, is it?