June 29th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Canada Day 2020

The one where Fiona moves out of the apartment and gloms onto the deposit check John expected to get back.

(Original Publication Date, 3 July 1991)

Panel 1: As he finishes dinner, Elly tells John that Fiona called while he was out; it would seem that she's moved out of the apartment he got her. John's response is to ask "Already?"

Panel 2: Elly says that Fiona's going into a partnership with a man who owns a restaurant and an apartment comes with the job. John says "No kidding!"

Panel 3: It then occurs to him to remember that he paid first and last month's rent because Lynn doesn't know how rental property works. He then asks about the rebate that probably doesn't exist either only to be told that it's seven hundred dollars. When he asks if Fiona said anything about that, Elly says that she did.

Panel 4: When told that she said "Thanks", John is horrified because he'd expected to get that money back.

Summary: I'm sure that people with more of a head for money and business can explain why this is nuts. All I know is that Fiona outsmarted John once again.