June 15th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

The one in which some jerk thinks that Elly is a lunatic because he does not have X-ray vision.....or the common sense God gave an ant.

(Original Publication Date, 19 June 1991)

Panel 1: As Elly drives down to Megafoods, we find her talking baby-talk to April who's in the back seat where she's supposed to be instead of right the Hell next to her like she was in 1991. This is fodder for a joke that demeans Elly when she's doing good in the world because of course it is. Anyhow, Elly is saying "April, go bye-bye (which triggers everyone who's seen the strong subconscious wish Elly has to have a normal family with just a boy and a girl). Go car? Go downtown wif Mama?"

Panel 2: Elly's continuing on with happy talk like "She's such a good girl! Yes, she is? Gonna go seepy? Gonna go nite-nite?" makes me think that Lynn has another suggestion for April: "Gonna be Aypo until you're old enough to be the focus of teenagers are monsters strips?"

Panel 3: Elly continues on with "Baby go shopping! Go stroller! April likes shopping, yes, she does?"

Panel 4: What Elly does not know is that the passenger in the next lane tells a man named Wes to give the broad in the blue station wagon a wide birth as she has been talking to herself for the last six blocks so that we can bleat that no one understands Elly's suffering. The problem is that Lynn has dated herself and made Elly into the annoying jerk who jabbers away happily on the phone while driving.

Summary: This, of course, is the other means by which Lynn can whimper that no one wants to give POOR ELLY any sort of help or support. It matters not that most of the time someone is talking to an unseen passenger, he or she is talking to a small child, Elly is assumed to be insane because no one cares and no one wants her life to be easier and everyone hates the idea that she can be happy too.