June 8th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

The one where Mike reverts to self-pitying pus-bag type until April smiles at him.

(Original Publication Date, 12 April 1991)

Panel 1: As the sullen turd sits with April in his lap, Mike thought-moans "Yeah, right, everybody! Take off and leave Michael alone with the drool queen." Given that he inherited a volatile temper and stubborn refusal to listen to evidence that disproves his beliefs from Elly, it would probably anger him to be told that he looks like a boring psycho conflating having to watch over a new-born with being waterboarded. Maybe he can sue for definition of character.

Panel 2: We then hearken back to the pointless reason he really resented Liz back in the day when he moans that it wouldn't be so bad if the kid could do something. Since he's a self-absorbed twat who sees himself as the sole victim in the world, being told that Lizzie couldn't stand up to his man-handling "meant" that people HATE him and want to shackle him down because they love a do-nothing drone who gets prizes for just drooling best.

Panel 3: Suddenly, April looks up and smiles at something in her field of vision. She can't recognize it as belonging to the scruffy goit moaning about having to help out but we'll see that he doesn't understand childhood development any better than Elly does.

Panel 4: This is because he's delighted that The Ape had the good sense to smile at him.

Summary: We switch from Mike being the worst thing for April to the gossip machine whispering behind John and Elly's back at the restaurant. How odd that a bargain bucket take on "Man About The House"/"Three's Company" is less gnawing than Mike's whinnicking.