June 3rd, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 5 June 2020

The one where John reminds us that he'll never understand a mother's need to flee the domesticity he idealizes.

(Original Publication Date, 7 June 1991)

Panel 1: We find John in a familiar setting today: interacting with his children only when it's fun. As Elly puts groceries away in the background, he thought-bubbles that there's nothing sweeter than the smell of a freshly-bathed baby (because someone else did it because that's just Nature's way) or more satisfying than knowing that the housework is all done (by someone with no help and no time to herself).

Panel 2: As he looks at April, he tells himself that there's nothing more compelling than the look in a child's eyes or more fulfulling than seeing them thrive in 'your' care (by which he means the care of silhouette in the background prepping the crib for the evening).

Panel 3: Since he needs must reset to not understanding Elly's desperation every time he learns how overburdened she is and under-appreciated she feels, he sets himself up for a blindside when he waxes rhapsodic and asks what words can describe the intense and special feeling a mother has after being at home with the baby all day.

Panel 4: Since Trash Bag Johnny can never shake the idea that Elly 'has' to find motherhood sheerest bliss no matter how often he's been shown this ain't the case, he's totally shocked when she grabs him by the shirt-front and shares the special and intense felling "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!"

Summary: The interesting thing is that in about three years (when April starts developing a personality that isn't 'cloying, daddy-obsessed gumdrop'), John starts to join Elly in wanting to flee the house. We take a baby-step tomorrow when Mike pays the price for having helped chase off Fiona.