June 2nd, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 4 June 2020

The one where Elly angsts about losing her identity until Liz reminds her of the only identity she'll ever really have.

(Original Publication Date, 6 June 1991)

Panel 1: We find Elly trying to freelance only to be preoccupied by worry about her lot in life. She reminds herself that she hasn't reviewed a book in weeks. She wonders how her typing is and if the girl who's replacing her is doing a good job.

Panel 2: This leads to her worrying that her replacement is doing a better job. Since she doesn't realize that most of the people there feel sorry for her because her husband chickened out of the marriage, she wonders if they miss her. Since she'll eventually ascribe an unpleasant side-effect of Tory budget cuts to them disliking her, she wonders if they want her back at all. She feels lost. At work, she had an identity. (Granted, said 'identity' was 'pack mule' but it was an identity.) She had a title that meant something.

Panel 3: Liz comes along and says "Hi, Mom!" to set up the punchline.

Panel 4: Elly thought-bubbles a theme that has an ironic echo when she's let go as she hugs Liz and tells herself "Then again, maybe I still do."

Summary: This moral lesson doesn't take for very long because the next strip reminds us that John needlessly romanticises motherhood and can never remember that Elly yearns to have time alone. Eventually, he does remember and this leads to fleeing from April every Spring.

Also, this is the last weekly strip from "What, Me Pregnant?"; tomorrow, we get stuff from "Things Are Looking Up" until Mike bombs his driving test.