May 29th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 31 May 2020

The one where Connie throws some shade at a department store employee who doesn't laugh at Elly's glib comment about wanting thinner thighs.

(Original Publication Date, 2 June 1991)

Panel 1: We find Elly and Connie at the Health and Beauty department of Philpotts. As she looks at a selection of weight loss products and wrinkle creams, Elly wonders why they buy any of it because none of it ever works. Connie would tend to disagree. Connie was a red-head in the original colour version.

Panel 2: Elly laughs the sticky-out tongue laugh at Connie when she says that already, she sees her wallet becoming younger and thinner.

Panel 3: One of the staff (who I'll name Stella because her ear-rings are star-shaped) holds a brochure for something called Magic Face as she asks Elly if she'd like a make-over. Elly says "Uh....sure."

It should be noted that Stella has gone from blonde to brunette. What she's expected to absorb has, sadly, not changed much.

Panel 4: Elly reminds us of how little respect she has for salespeople when she makes a smart-ass remark about starting with her thighs. Connie laughs but Stella looks perturbed.

Panel 5: For some reason that "isn't" Elly being incredibly freaking rude, Stella turns on her heels and huffs away in disgust. Since she didn't get (that she is) the joke, Elly and Connie look downcast.

Panel 6: We get the funniest line Elly has ever said when she says that the girl had no sense of humour at all. Connie says to give that some time.

Panel 7: She looks over her shoulder at Stella and guesstimates that she's somewhere between twenty and twenty-five years old.

Panel 8: At that age, she doesn't need one.

Summary: This is probably supposed to mean that Stella is too young to have been beaten down by life and thus cannot seek solace in self-deprecating humour at her own expense. This also means that Lynn will always see wait staff and salespeople as pretty much furniture.