May 21st, 2020

Royally Peeved Candiru

Saturday, 23 May 2020

The one where Jean doesn't realize that she's described herself when warning about believing in gossip.

(Original Publication Date, 25 May 1991)

Panel 1: We find ourselves back at Tim's watching a meeting of United Gossips Against John Patterson. Maeve leads off by saying that Elly knows about the apartment. Maeve is half-way to being Cyclops because she's the only one right about this one issue and that because only because she'd half-heard Elly complain about the expense. Cecily asks her if Elly knows about Fiona because (like Maeve) she has no idea what's really going on. Instigating Idiot Jean is dead wrong when she says "Probably not" while the mother from the Loud House asks them if they should tell her.

It would seem that the answer is "No! We must NOT tell Elly about the 'babe' John left her for.' because no one answers that question.

Panel 2: What happens instead is that Maeve goes back to being wrong when she mutters "John....of all people!" When Cecily gets to be sort of right by saying that it could be none of their business, Smug Dimwit Jean says something even less right when she says "Of course it is. They're our friends!"

Reason: Jean has never exchanged more than five words with Elly that I know of and she has no respect for her employer so is not a friend of any Patterson.

Panel 3: When Maeve asks how John could leave Elly just like that, Cecily suggests the only sensible course of action: telling Jean to tell Sue so she can get things sorted. Jean replies by saying ", there's no point gossiping."

Panel 4: She unwittingly ends up resembling her remark by reminding them all that the one thing gossip does is blow the truth out of proportion.

Summary: As I've said before, this never actually does get resolved in-strip. The strip in Lynn's head probably has John stand around not quite realizing why Jean is suddenly silent when he explains who Fiona really is in a month and a half only to have to say "Chee! Elly just told me that they must have got the wrong idea about the apartment! How did that happen?" because he doesn't know that he lives in a world where everyone talks about his family's every minor doing but are somehow comicly wrong.