May 18th, 2020

Indignant Candiru

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The one where they hustle Fiona out of the house.

(Original Publication Date, 22 May 1991)

Panel 1: As Fiona has a sandwich and beer, we find John handing her a key. When she asks what it's for, he explains that it's for a nice apartment on Belfrey Avenue. This, I should think, is 'niceness' in action.

Panel 2: Before she can ask why she's being given the bum's rush, John talks about how the rent is paid for two months, it's got appliances and some furniture and the store across the street needs a sales clerk. He even put in a good word for her.

Panel 3: She doesn't even get out a "Well, I....." before he hands her her coat and asks him not to thank her. He's glad to do it and will help her pack.

Panel 4: As he and Fiona leave, Mike cautions Liz against waving as enthusiastically as she does. After all, Fiona must be made to think that they are not happy to see her go.

Summary: After being generous with their kids' rooms, it's 'nice' to see a 'nice' way of handling a problem, isn't it?