May 17th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

The one where John makes bad wordplay about himself and Elly being passive-aggressive dimwits.

(Original Publication Date, 21 May 1991)

Panel 1: As they lurk over the corner to watch Fiona smoke and pet her cat, Elly tells John that it shouldn't cost a thou to remove a housepestguest before asking her why they just can't tell her to go. John says it's because they're too 'nice'. Given that one of the nice things he did was deliberately try to wake Fiona up and that he went to his office to talk shit about how Elly and the kids are driving him bonko, he must mean something different by it than we do.

Panel 2: He then says that "nice" people drop large hints and hope the other guy will clue in because "nice" people hate to cause trouble. The historical record tells us that the Pattersons choked and stewed in passive-aggressive resentment.

Panel 3: He then sets up the weak-ass wordplay by saying that "nice" people can be victims of their own "generosity" and not at all "spineless refusal to stand up for themselves lest strangers who don't count judge them" before telling to face the fact that they're generous to a fault. Mike and Liz would like to talk about how generous they are with living spaces.

Panel 4: As she tips back a Labatts 50, he then gloomily states that Fiona is one of the faults they've been generous to.

Summary: In about sixteen years, they're so krutacking generous, they allow a fault called Michael to burrow himself into their home like a d'ast tick and force them to leave. Nice people, ain't they?