May 14th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 16 May 2020

The one wherein John doesn't realize that people talk about him behind his back because he's an idiot.

(Original Publication Date, 18 May 1991)

Panel 1: Later that same day, we find two of Elly's acquaintances in conversation at Tim's. The black woman says "That's impossible! Not Elly and John!!" while the white woman says "I'm telling you, Maeve! Jean says that he's rented an apartment! Says he's going crazy at home!!"

This is where John's refusal to be specific 'because he knows what HE means' bites him in the ass. Maeve and (oh, let's say) Loretta join Jean in spending most of the rest of their lives thinking less of him because he ran away from home like a punk-ass bitch.

Panel 2: It's Maeve's turn to play telephone with someone identified as Cecily Beard as she says "Have you heard? John and Elly are getting a divorce! He's left her with a new baby and it's all because of a woman named Fiona!"

This is where we get the eventual punchline about gossip blowing things out of proportion from as each person adds a new detail to the story.

Panel 3: Next, Cecily phones Elly to tell her that she's just heard 'the news' and is so terribly sorry!

Panel 4: When John gets home, he asks a confused looking Elly what's new. This means that we have to wait two days for the other shoe to drop.

Summary: Fortunately for everyone concerned, John and Jean never really do compare notes. Reason: watching John turn into the Amazing Defensive Idiot Man is not something anyone wants to see on a full stomach.