May 8th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Mother's Day 2020

The Mother's Day where John is told to his face that Elly doesn't like being around kids much.

(Original Publication Date, 12 May 1991)

Panel 1: We find ourselves in the middle of this year's Mother's Day celebration at the Patterson household watching Elly marvel at the lovely bouquet of roses John bought for her. He says that the four red ones symbolize himself, Mike, Liz and April while the lovely yellow one stands for Elly herself.

Panel 2: Instead of letting John have his moment and score points with Mom like a normal, decent person, Liz undercuts him for no real reason by saying that they ran out of red ones.

Panel 3: The strip proper begins in the kitchen as John and Liz wish Elly a happy Mother's Day. You will note that Mike is currently holding April and is about to hand her off. This is kind of like the scene in the opening credits of Mission: Impossible wherein the man lights the fuse.

Panel 4: As Mike hands a howling April over, John says that he thinks that they should do something special for Elly.

Panel 5: In the background, Liz sticks out her tongue that Mike "for holding the baby wrong, that's why it's crying, Ugly Brother" to serve as a backdrop for John telling Elly that he wants her to decide what that special thing is.

Panel 6: As she bathes April, John asks his favourite mother if there's anything special she wants to do on Mother's Day.

Panel 7: John ain't paying attention to the fact that Mike and Liz are at it again when she says "Uh-huh!!!"

Panel 8: As April howls again and Mike and Liz get into a Big Ball Of Cartoon Violence, Elly grabs John by the shirtfront and surprises him by saying "Get away from the kids!"

Summary: It didn't take long for Mike and Liz to reset to adversaries battling to the death. Soon enough, she'll be Lizardbreath again.