May 1st, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 3 May 2020

The one sitcom punchline about how Mike can watch gross-out horror movies with glee yet be revolted by having to change a baby because MEN ARE USELESS WITH CHILDREN!!! WE MOMS SAY SO!!!!!!

(Original Publication Date, 28 April 1991)

Panel 1: Since Fiona never manages to invade the Sundayverse (and also because Lynn doesn't bother synching up the Sunday and weekly strips), we find Mike in the rec room (which is now his bedroom) sitting on the couch happily telling Farley that he loves the movie he's watching because it's totally disgusting.

Panel 2: This reminds him that he has to have something to eat.

Panel 3: The strip proper begins with Liz asking Mike what he's watching. He tells her that he's watching The Fly and that it's getting to the good (which is to say "nauseating") parts.

Panel 4: Since Mike lives to see Liz in discomfort, he's way too enthusiastic about how Jeff Goldblum regurgitates saliva over his food so he can dissolve it down to the bone.

Panel 5: He's thrilled to point out that we're just about to watch Goldblum's face come off to reveal whatever pulpy, slimy horror the judges from Face Off made of it. Fortunately for Liz, he's about to be interrupted.

Panel 6: She Who Commands By Yelling And Throwing Heavy Objects yells his name so that he might earn his keep by doing just a little work.

Panel 7: Whatever it might be is not to his taste because he's way too verbal about how totally gross whatever he's doing is. Given the setting, he's probably either been press-ganged into wiping off April's bottom or cleaning out the diaper pail.

Panel 8: Liz wonders what horror Iron Guts is facing that he cannot stand as it will make him violently ill if he has to do it for one more second....which tends to suggest that he's been made to either change or dispose of a diaper.

Panel 9: He returns to the rec room visibly gagging.

Panel 10: As one could expect given Lynn's biases, Mike looks as if Death did indeed tell him to gaze upon him when he says that he had to empty the diaper pail.

Summary: Lynn is all about sniffing piously about Big Strong Men who retch and run when faced with diaper patrol when We Moms have to do it without complaint or reward. This is why Mike is never going to be a house-husband: he has a sense of smell and a creator who thinks that men are useless with children so should be punished for it.