April 11th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Easter Monday 2020

We lurch into the "mad wall" arc with John wanting Mike and Liz to cool it with the ball of violence crap.

(Original Publication Date, 13 April 1991)

Panel 1: It would seem that Liz made the mistake of asking Mike to cut the name-calling malarkey. This is because John is forced to interact with his kids when it isn't amusing by having to yell "That is ENOUGH!!!!" when faced with the Violet Ball Of Cartoon Violence.

Panel 2: He then reminds them that they have just brought a new baby into the world before asking them if they want her to think that THIS (by which he means 'pummelling one another over petty slights') is what life is all about.

Panel 3: He then says that he wants her to believe that people are reasonable and kind (like, say, Elly is) and that there are ways of resolving disputes without violence. They want her to believe that the world is a good place.

Panel 4: As they walk away to think about what he said, he goes bug-eyed and thought-bubbles "At least until she starts watching TV."

Summary: Or gets on Elly's bad side. Or goes to school. Or does any number of things that knock a big-ass hole in John's groovy lecture.