April 10th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Easter Sunday 2020

The one in which it's only cute when April burps.

(Original Publication Date, 7 April 1991)

Panel 1: We start things off with Elly welcoming two mutant friends that rarely appear (I'll call the one with the glasses Gladys and the one with brown hair Marg as they come to see the baby.

Panel 2: They marvel as they approach April's bassinet.

Panel 3: After Elly picks April up, she yawns. This delights Gladys and Marg.

Panel 4: So does her sneezing.

Panel 5: Watching her hiccup is also something of a delight to these two because cute babies are cute.

Panel 6: Saying the word 'drool' is also a wonderment to Elly's rarely-seen friends.

Panel 7: We set up the punchline when April's mild belch causes Mike's silhouette to materialize.

Panel 8: He drinks from a can of soda.

Panel 9: He belches quite loudly because either he wants to be the centre of attention or because he thinks it's rude bodily noise day. This horrifies his audience.

Panel 10: As Gladys and Marg look on in disapproval, Suddenly Six-Fingered Elly chastises a confused Mike....but not because his mother has suddenly grown an extra digit because Lynn won't erase things.

Summary: We are probably dealing with a return of the "I can do this, that and the other thing but no one asks me" crap that blighted his relationship with Elizabeth.