March 31st, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 2 April 2020

The one where April is named and also the one where Elly finally realizes that Randy The Pizza Guy was along for the ride.

(Original Publication date, 2 April 1991)

Panel 1: As John finally gets in to see wife and child after the fact like he's "supposed" to, For Some Reason Supposed To Be Naked Elly tells him that she'd like to name the new baby "April" because she was born on the first of April and "Marian" after her mother. John repeats "April Marian."

Panel 2: Mike comes in and reports that Constable Murdoch is out there and also that the ambulance has finally arrived. I await Miss Blais's materializing out of the ether to chide Liz for counting on her fingers when she says that there are ten people there now.

Panel 3: This non-plusses Elly who asks what she's going to do with all of these people in her house. Instead of asking her why she feels compelled to act like a hostess, Mike does his own "turn his back to her when he speaks to her" thing when he tells her not to worry because they've got this.

Panel 4: When he cheerfully announces that Randy The Pizza Guy has gone out to get three Combo Supremes with extra cheese, John and Elly (who repeats back 'pizza guy' are both gobsmacked. This is no one bothered telling her who was in the house because Mike's a twit. He comes by it honestly because his mother appears to end up sending the paramedics away.

Summary: If a sane person were writing this, this is when the pizza guy would actually have appeared in the first place. He would thus be the punchline of a brick joke. Lynn has a less sophisticated sense of humour so.....