March 22nd, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

The one where it looks as if John will miss Elly's giving birth at home.

(Original Publication Date, 23 March 1991)

Panel 1: At the end of a busy day, we see John washing up and commenting on how long it seemed only to have Jean come along and ask if he's looked out a window lately because everything is covered in ice.

Panel 2: As they and a silhouette that turns out to be Ted head to the parking lot, a Jean who looks like John tells John that she can't believe she has to drive home in this and that they should have closed the clinic a long time ago. John says that he has to get home because the baby is due.

Panel 3: Ted says that John is crazy to drive in this. Since he'd never make it, he should spend the night chilling with Ted and his mother. When John starts to object that he can't do that, Ted is made to look a fool by saying that Elly will be okay for one night. His opinion can be trusted because he's a doctor.

Panel 4: Since doctors aren't gods and find out about the future at the same pace as everyone else, Ted is cast as a fool when we switch back to the Patterson house to find Liz asking Elly if she feels okay because she doesn't look okay.

Summary: This, of course, is the original "cliffhanger" upon which next week's arc depends. It's also a broad hint that Lynn wants to have her cake and eat it by telling the people who objected to midwifery that Elly was given no choice.