March 20th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 22 March 2020

The one where Elly acts as if it's April's fault that she's overdue.

(Original Publication Date, 24 March 1991)

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching a surrealish image that indicates that Elly is trying to remember if she has enough stuff for the new addition when we see her surrounded by a whole lot of baby clothes, diapers and so on and so forth.

Panel 2: She then tells herself that she'd better go over the list again.

Panel 3: She starts off by reminding herself that she has a diaper service, diapers, a change table and a diaper bag to put them in.

Panel 4: She has ointment, petroleum jelly, power and cream.

Panel 5: She has soothers and bottles and formula if she needs them. (This sets up the jokes about breastfeeding that come into play for a little while.)

Panel 6: She has newborn to six months shirts, six receiving blankets, a crib (in Liz's room), crib sheets, a comforter and two shawls.

Panel 7: As she holds up the box to the baby carrier, she adds it to the mental list along with the travel bed, bunting bag, safety seat, eleven outfits, four bonnets, socks and four sets of crocheted booties.

Panel 8: As she looks at the crib, she concludes her list by noting that she's got an intercom, crib toys, bath toys, playpen, music box mobile, teddy and instruction books.

Panel 9: She stares awkwardly at her abdomen because she's reminded of the one thing she doesn't have.

Panel 10: When she yells "READY WHEN YOU ARE!!!" at her not-yet-born, we get a reminder that Elly will hold being overdue against April forever.

Summary: This refusal to quite admit that babies don't decide when to arrive is why Lynn had Mike say that April fooled all of them.