March 13th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 15 March 2020

The one where Mike boasts about what a great guy he is for torturing Farley and thus making his life interesting.

(Original Publication Date, 17 March 1991)

Panel 1: We find Farley sitting in the house dozing happily away in a sunny spot.

Panel 2: He yawns and smacks his lips like a person would.

Panel 3: He snores peacefully for a while.

Panel 4: He then sighs contentedly because he's a cartoon dog today.

Panel 5: His rest is about to be interrupted by a cartoon cretin when Mike looks in on him with a untrustworthy smile on his stupid face. This, as we all know, generally means 'comic' mayhem directed at someone inoffensive.

Panel 6: Since Farley understands English today, he mutters "UH?" when Mike tells him to get up and lookit the squirrel.

Panel 7: When he's told that he's gotta get that squirrel, Farley whines sadly because there is a squirrel that he can't get to.

Panel 8: Farley barks aggressively and runs off into the fray when Mike exhorts him to GO GET'IM!!!!!

Panel 9: Having stood around and watched this like a jamoke, Elly reacts to a thing she should have stopped by asking Mike why he's tormenting Farley so. After all, both of them know he will never catch the squirrel so what gives?

Panel 10: What gives is Elly getting gobsmacked when Mike says that he hates to see Farley living a dull life.

Summary: The only organic thing about this mess is that it leads into tomorrow's new-run. It doesn't further the plot and all we get for our trouble is more ritual Farley abuse. Well, that and a reminder that getting a dog to teach a kid responsibility is silly.