March 11th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 13 March 2020

The one where Anne gives Elly baby-sitting coupons for when being with Baby is too much. (Also the one where a fungus person says "Anne should have made up more coupons.")

(Original Publication Date, 15 March 1991)

Panel 1: As the shower wraps up, we find Carol telling Elly that aside from the girts, they also made her pre-prepared meals to be put in the freezer. When Anne explains that it's so she won't have to cook for a while (because the episiotomy Lynn thinks is standard will make it hard for her to move), Elly marvels at how nice a gesture that is.

I myself am torn between praising them for ensuring that at least for a little while, the Pattersons get to eat good food during the first month or so of April's childhood and condemning them for assuming that John should not cook because he might prepare meals that are horrible and easy and make the children look forward to mealtime.

Panel 2: Connie then says that Anne has something even better than frozen dinners John might not cook in the first place. Anne then hands her a coupon book and says that she gives her sanity savers. Since Elly doesn't know herself or how well they know her, she wants to know what she means by that.

Panel 3: Lynn is clearly going for a We Moms thing when Elly beams with glee as Anne says "30 coupons...each worth an hour of babysitting at her place," I do a really mean thing and remember the past.

Summary: Said nasty trick played on Lynn is remembering that Anne doesn't think that Elly much enjoys being around kids. She also knows that despite the fact that Elly thinks that she lets her own kids walk all over her, she sees no problem leaving her kids with her when it gets to be too much. Such days end in the letter 'y'.
Snarky Candiru2

Why Lynn should totally surrender creative control.

Lynn's latest 'fun' project appears to involve watching other people do better with her ideas than she can.
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As you can see, she's commissioned a novelty LED fixture designed to appeal to the slightly slow-witted kid in her. To her, a mildly whimsical and extremely personal means of lighting up her room is a marvel of the age, not the goofy thing it is to us. That being said, it's also tribute to what competent people can do with an idea of hers without her interfering and messing it up. The Farley plushie and kids' books would be roaring successes if she hadn't have got in the way.