February 21st, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 23 February 2020

The one where Mike's stupidly overloading the washing machine leads to John passively standing around thought-bubbling about how Mike gets into a lot of trouble because he's a thin-skinned dunderhead.

(Original Publication Date, 24 February 1991)

Panel 1: We start things off with Mike loading clothes into the washing machine. Since he's an idiot, he just dumps them in there willy-nilly.

Panel 2: Lynn shows off her 'creative' side when he pours some Wonder Sudz into the machine.

Panel 3: As he carries away a load of dry clothes, he foolishly leaves the machine unattended.

Panel 4: This backfires on him when it makes a loud KA-BAMMMM-KA-BAMMM-KA-BAMMM!!! noise. That startles him so much, he has the Teeth Of EVIL!!!

Panel 5: Since he doesn't realize that since he didn't take care to load the machine properly (and no one told him to do that in the first place, did they, Elly?), he's totally panicked when he yells for help. He wants someone to come quick because the machine has gone as crazy as a grandfather who says BOXCAR! and he doesn't know what to do.

Panel 6: John looks in, sees that all the washing has gone to one side of the agitator and tells Mike that the machine shakes violently when the load is unbalanced. Mike replies "Is that all?"

Panel 7: John tries to impart a moral lesson when he says that it's hard to believe that something so simply could cause so much trouble. Unfortunately, Liz has arrived to set up the stupid joke.

Panel 8: She does this by laughing at Mike's stupid ass. This is because she's got the same memory problem as Elly and forgets how thin-skinned her idiot brother is. We can anticipate the Big Ball Of Harmless Violence but she does not.

Panel 9: Since Mike is an unbalanced load in his own right, he can't take the abuse he dishes out and tries to kick the shit out of Liz for laughing at a vain nitwit who can't laugh at himself.

Panel 10: If John were any sort of a man, he would have told Mike to simmer down and not get pissed off at his sister and nipped Horrifying Row Number 5235 in the bud. Instead, he stands around like a lump and thought-bubbles "Then again, maybe it isn't."

Summary: I should think that we're looking at yet another reason why Mike cools his heels in farm country this August. John thinks that if he's in a different time zone, he can't beat the shit out of Liz when he does something stupid.