February 18th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Thursday, 20 February 2020

The one where Elly complains that her shoes no longer fit her due to water retention. Also the one where Elly flakes out on the whole busted engine and two flats analogy.

(Original Publication Date, 21 February 1991)

Panel 1: A few days after the string bass thing, we find Elly steadying herself and clutching her belly as she walks to the table to have a cup of coffee with Connie. She groans in pain as she tells Connie (who STILL envies her and always will) that she wishes that her pregnancy was over because she's tired of carrying all the weight she added.

Panel 2: As she sits down, she states that she's (more) irritable and her back hurts.

Panel 3: Since it never occurs to Elly to remember that Connie wants so very much to be swapping stories about how difficult pregnancy at their age is, Connie's stating that she wishes that she was in her shoes zooms over her head. She instead embraces bonehead literal thinking and says "So would I...."

Panel 4: We instead are reminded that water retention makes one's feet swell when she lifts up one of her misshapen hooves and says that hers haven't fit her in months.

Summary: Elly is at least consistent in that she has never understood that Connie wishes that she had her problems. From the earliest days to the last, she totally flakes put on not getting how Connie used her as a benchmark for what The Good Life is because she's too busy thinking that being Elly Patterson makes her the victim of all victims surpassing all others.