February 14th, 2020


Sunday, 16 February 2020

The Sundayverse, where Elly likes to cook and the cooking actually tastes good.

(Original Publication Date, 17 February 1991)

Panel 1: Elly consults with unborn April and decides her choices of foods based on one kick or two kicks.  My experience living with a pregnant woman was quite different.  With our firstborn, it was steak and cheese.   With our second, it was sweet potatoes.  Double fudge brownies was more like “all the rest of the time even when she was not pregnant” food.  That was before she went Vegan.  Don’t get me started on Vegan brownies.

Panel 2: Elly loves it when April kicks a lot because that she means she gets to eat the Double Fudge Brownie mix that she already decided to purchase and bring home.

Panel 3: John arrives and gives us a pretty good indication that even when Elly bakes, there is a limit to how much he wants to eat it.  Me personally, I never complain about someone in my house who wants to bake things.   Elly has a plate of brownies that she has managed to make look like dark brown finger sandwiches.  They all seem to have some kind of filled center to them.

Double fudge brownies (no filled center)

Finger sandwiches (not brown,but with a filled center)

Panel 4: John complains that Elly made a cake yesterday.  What is wrong with this man?  I think Sundayverse John has gotten spoiled.  He should talk to Dailyverse John.  John eats a brownie and magically Elly turns into a happy silhouette.

Panel 5: Elly believes she is in the “nesting stage” because she wants to cook all the time.  That could be right and good on Lynn for going to that.  From the article 18 weird things every pregnant woman does when she’s nesting


She Pretends She's The Next Martha Stewart

Suddenly, I wanted to bake cookies every day. Not just normal cookies, mind you; I wanted to bake organic, gluten free cookies shaped like pumpkins with icing faces and sprinkles on top.

Panel 6: Elly gives John another brownie and for the first time he doesn’t complain.  He can be taught.

Panel 7: John walks away and magically turns into a munching, mfffing silhouette.

Panel 8: And now the punchline also from real life.  The fathers do tend to gain weight along with their pregnant wives.  Good on Lynn Johnston again for making this a good joke.  My source:


The Plight of the Pregnant Man

When a woman is expecting, so is her mate. The science of weight gain—and why baby looks just like dad

Summary: Pregnancy done realistically.   John and Elly being nice to each other.   It’s like a breath of fresh air has descended on the comic strip, air that smells like brownies.