January 24th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 26 January 2020

The one where John uses bad word-play to get Liz's age wrong and also make a stupid aside that reminds us that he's Lynn enough to not understand that a child's behaviour is contingent on where she is.

(Original Publication Date, 27 January 1991)

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching John driving Elizabeth and Dawn somewhere. He rolls his eyes because Liz is acting like the goofy kid she is in the Sundayverse and makes a face in the rear-view mirror.

Panel 2: Dawn is also a little kid and laughs at Liz's cleverness.

Panel 3: "Somewhere" turns out to be the Eastgate Arena; that's because we find John in the foreground as Liz and a bunch of other high-spirited little girls laugh and giggle like, I don't know, normal nine to eleven year olds.

Panel 4: We again focus on how little a kid Liz is as she playfully gives Dawn a noogie.

Panel 5: He waves at them as they head into the change room.

Panel 6: A little while later, he watches as she and Dawn practice for an upcoming recital. The giggly little kid has somehow mysteriously vanished and been replaced by someone classier-looking.

This is probably meant to signify the fact that he sees Liz as being shorter and more baby-like than she actually is when she's in her street clothes. Now that she and Dawn are in their skating outfits and we get to see what their real proportions probably are, they're made more mature looking.

Panel 7: John marvels at this not so amazing or mysterious transformation. John is also a bit of a creeper if you ask me.

Panel 8: We focus more on Dawn and Liz reminding us that when they're on stage, it's all business, baby.

Panel 9: Liz takes a sort of bow.

Panel 10: She and the other skaters head back into the change room.

Panel 11: Since he and Lynn are blind to context, John reacts to Liz and the others being the goofy kids they are when the spotlight does not (as Jean Chretien might say) fall on their heads by thought-bubbling that the guy who named it a change room must have had a nine year old.

Summary: Every so often, the parents have it demonstrated to them that in a different setting, their kids act like totally different people. Since they're stupid in the same way Lynn is, this baffles the Hell out of them because they don't see themselves as what the kids are reacting to when they say stuff like doing chores for Mrs Baird is rewarding but doing stuff for them isn't.