January 17th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 19 January 2020

The one where we're reminded that while all Elly can see when she looks in the mirror is a hideous blob no one can or should love, all John sees is the pretty girl she was when they first met.

(Original Publication Date, 20 January 1991)

Panel 1: It's late at night at the Patterson house and we find Elly getting out of bed and putting on a pair of slippers so she can perhaps go to the washroom.

Panel 2: She puts a housecoat on over her nightgown and takes her hair out of the low ponytail she's had it in since forever.

Panel 3: After taking care of her business, she looks at herself in the washroom mirror. As always, she does not like what she sees.

Panel 4: We resume a cycle that's been going on since Elly understood what her reflection is when she glumly thought-bubbles that she can't believe how fat she is. This always comes as a shock because she's always discovered it for the first time.

Panel 5: We remind ourselves why her mother is unreasonable and cruel when Elly condemns herself as being fat, pale and ugly; this is because Marian probably had the inconvenient habit of pointing out that Elly has used those words to describe herself since she learned English.

Panel 6: John walks by and wonders if Elly is having another 'fat' decade.

Panel 7: Expecting another failed attempt to jolly her out of this "I am so the ugliest, fattest and least desirable woman ever, John!!" business, Elly gets all narrow-eyed when she asks him what he's staring at. He says "Oh, nothing...."

Panel 8: There's the slightest trace of a smile on her face when he notices how beautiful she is.

Summary: It won't, of course, last, that smile of hers. She's too in love with winning to accept being told she's not hideous so will find an excuse to mope about being ugly. This will be immmediately followed by baffled comments about how it must be evil conflict-causing men that make Liz and April ask if clothes make them look fat.