January 6th, 2020

Snarky Candiru2

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

The one where John is so fixated on the social awkwardness he feels that he fails to notice Elly's physical awkwardness.

(Original Publication Date, 9 January 1991)

Panel 1: We find ourselves in the Lamaze class doing an extended remix of a strip from David, We're Pregnant; this is because we have John looking like a pole-axed ewe thought-bubbling about how he knows these classes are important while not really noticing the grimace Elly has on her face as she holds her abdomen.

Panel 2: We hint as to Lynn's real opinion of Lamaze when he thought-bubbles that everyone here seems to take them seriously as he helps her out of a seated position.

Panel 3: We set ourselves up for a one-two punch at Rod's expense when John starts to thought-bubble that somehow, he feels something unsupportive.

Panel 4: As he lifts a clearly-struggling Elly who finds motion next to impossible, he thought-bubbles the word 'awkward' because Lynn is convinced that men cannot understand the pain and inconvenience women have imposed upon them.

Summary: I wonder how Rod felt about being a hate sink because Lynn wanted to pull her punches. We spend the next year watching John look like a fool who thinks that he's the most injuredest person ever and he needs the gentle corrective of a boot up his jacksie.