December 8th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

The one where Mike shovels a path just so Farley can pee on a tree.

(Original Publication Date, 11 December 1990)

Panel 1: As Farley looks on, Mike shovels a path somewhere. As always, he raises a cloud of the word 'Shoval' because Lynn is Lynn enough to think that people would think that he's playing statue if she didn't help the pea-brains she has to waste time spoon-feeding.

Panel 2: As he keeps going in his odd looking direction, I start to wonder where that path is because it doesn't look like the driveway.

Panel 3: When it becomes obvious that he cleared a path to a tree that Farley could urinate on, he says "Don't say I never do anything for you!"

Summary: This is not quite what John had in mind here. He's going to wonder why Mike isn't doing the driveway. Also, it's the only thing Mike ever does for Farley that doesn't involve tormenting the poor dog for the evulz.