October 25th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Sunday, 27 October 2019

The one in which wearing Halloween costumes makes John stupidly reveal how little he actually liked getting dressed up for his wedding ceremony.

(Original Publication Date, 28 October 1990)

Panel 1: We have a rare example of the weekday and Sunday strips meshing when we see John in his shorts putting on a rabbit costume while Elly puts overalls on over one of his shirts.

Panel 2: Elly zips up the rabbit costume for John.

Panel 3: We mark the first appearance of the Elly bun as she paints a moustache on her face and John puts the cowl of his costume on.

Panel 4: Elly paints whiskers on John's face.

Panel 5: After putting on one of John's fishing hats to complete her look, she and John laugh at each other's goofy costumes.

Panel 6: Elly laughs when John hops like a bunny rabbit.

Panel 7: We do a call-forward to the weeklies when Elly bids the kids goodbye and tells them not to wait up. Cue Mike wondering if the morgue is about to phone Tuesday.

Panel 8: When asked if he minds going to the costume party they're heading to, John says that he doesn't.

Panel 9: Anyone who knows John reasonably well is going to expect a gotcha moment when he says that it's been ages since he got dressed up and made a fool of himself. Since Elly is not in that demographic cohort, gobsmackage is about to ensue.

Panel 10: John's comment about how this is just like the day they got married shouldn't actually surprise Elly as much as it does given what she knows about him but it does. This is, after all, the same oik who thought that it would save time dropping off garbage on the way to Phil's wedding.

Summary: Elly never quite managed to understand how little John actually liked the idea of the frills and fooferah associated with a wedding. My guess is that he'd baffle everyone in general and antagonize Mira in particular by saying that a simple ceremony by a justice of the peace would be the ideal one.