October 24th, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Saturday, 26 October 2019

The one in which Liz does not realize that John has made a bad joke which reveals his real opinion about what Elly chooses to wear.

(Original Publication Datye, 26 October 1990)

Panel 1: When happening on Liz searching through her closet, Elly asks her what she's doing. Liz explains that she's looking for something to wear.

Panel 2: Liz has an attack of amnesia as regards the fact that her mother is always on the hunt for something to be angry about and thus does not understand Elly when she says "But this is MY closet!!!" and explains that she wants something to wear for Halloween.

It should be noted at this point that Lynn uses the obsolete spelling with the apostrophe in it because she thinks she speaks and writes better English than she actually does. It should also be noted that Elizabeth is about to get jammed up because her mother is rather stupid and lacking in imagination. What I see happening here is Elly being baffled because since she didn't want to wear adult clothing as a child, no good, loving child in the history of the world would ever dare do something 'wicked' that never occurred to a gloomy simpleton looking for things to feel crushed by.

Panel 3: We continue on with the rather banal phenomenon of a child looking through Mommy and Daddy's closet for a Halloween outfit being wilfully misinterpreted as an attack by chaos-loving children who want to murder their parents when Elly has the same look of horror on her face when she asks if Liz looked through John's closet. Liz says that she did.

Panel 4: She then reveals two things when she surprises Elly by saying that he said that she'd have more luck in Elly's closet. The first thing is that he's not as up his own ass when Elly isn't screaming in his ears about how awful the kids are. Second, he always wanted to tell Elly to her face that her fashion sense has a lot to be desired but demurred because he likes breathing.

Summary: For some reason, Elly chooses to take this out not on the asshole mocking her but on the child who innocently repeated his jerkish comment. That is so classic Elly. Reason: she spends most of her time looking for harmless things to turn into a horrible crisis so she can feel important. After all, if it's just a kid going through a closet for a costume, she can't very well feel like the victim of all victims surpassing all others, now, CAN SHE?