October 20th, 2019


Tuesday, 22 October 2019

The one where Michael is grounded not only in body but also in mind and spirit. 

(Original Publication Date, 23 October 1990)

Panel 1: Michael lies on the classic Patterson green, striped couch that is coloured brown today. Way to go colourist!!  I think the couch should be a different colour every time we see it. The colourist should take the cue from Lynn Johnston back in 1990, who does appear to have changed the position of the stripes on the couch in every single panel. 

Panel 2: 7 boreds.  1 ellipse.  1 wasted panel.

Panel 3: What is going on with Michael’s head?  It looks like his chest is sliding down into his open mouth.  Pattersons should not unhinge their jaw to scream when they are lying down.  They might accidentally swallow their whole body and no one is going to want to stick their hand into a Patterson’s mouth to retrieve that mess.

Panel 4: “If I didn’t have homework tonight, I’d have something to do!!!”  Clearly the joke is intended to be that Michael has homework to do, so he has something to do.  However, that does not make sense from the perspective of Michael.  Michael is trying to say, “I am not allowed to do something I would prefer to do until I do my homework. I am not going to do my homework.  Therefore, I have nothing to do.”  That's what I think he is trying to say.   Lynn is writing from the “I am mocking Michael” perspective and her sentence works fine just so long as you realize that Michael would never think that. 

Summary: How in the world did Michael ever finish school?  Tomorrow it’s back to dreadedcandiru2 and maybe he can explain it.