October 14th, 2019


Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The one where Elly and John try to comfort themselves about Michael’s action by proudly proclaiming themselves to be good parents.

(Original Publication Date, 17 October 1990)

Panel 1: Elly wonders if Mike is a big, fat liar about what he does when he leaves the house.  How would a real parent know those things?  Elly seems to have no idea.

Panel 2: “morals and common sense we’ve taught him”.  I think I missed those comic strips.  Mostly what we have had is a series of comic strips where the parents get angry at the kids for making messes.  That is not the same as morals or common sense..  This is not one of those comic strips where the parents are regularly shown giving the kids sage advice.  If anything, it’s the kids who advise the parents as in this case when Elizabeth advises Elly on how to handle grief. 

Panel 3: I am kind of surprised to see John is wearing a pyjama top to bed.  Normally he is shirtless.  Maybe this is what happens when you impregnate your wife.  She wants to put more barriers between herself and more pregnancy (but not the kind of barriers that involve proper use of birth control).

Panel 4: Your choices are (1) believe he’ll make good decisions and his honesty or (2) go nuts.  My money is on number two and I believe we will see that from John tomorrow.

Summary: Why are these two knuckleheads going to sleep when their son is still out roaming the neighborhood?   When my kids were out, one of us always stayed up just in case there was trouble and someone called for help.  Of course they were older than 16 by that point and could drive.