October 2nd, 2019

Snarky Candiru2

Friday, 4 October 2019

Lynn's need to make a tangled mess of the guidebooks on tap in 1990 (to see what they're getting wrong) leads to a reminder that Elly is going to resent her children forever because she probably thinks that cartoons about children plotting her ruin are real.

(Original Publication Date, 5 October 1990)

Panel 1: After spending who knows how many minutes correcting Mike, Elly is all worn out. She thus tells Liz that she needs to sit down because she's out of puff these days.

Panel 2: She reminds us that writers cannot do math when she looks at the Pregnacy Made Easy book she bought (because she probably threw out the old one) says that she'll feel better when she's in the second trimester she's already in.

Panel 3: As John looks on from the hallway, Liz sets up the punchline by asking why Elly needs that guidebook and then asking her if she remembers what it was like before. Elly says that she does.

Panel 4: She then surprises her family (but not us) by saying that one tends to forgive and forget.

Summary: What Elly forgets and hopes that the kids will forgive is her charming tendency to stand around all day long screaming about what a burden they are. After all, five seconds after she stands around bellowing about how they're monsters no one should love, she forgets she said so and expects them to forget as well.